Twin Souls


twinsoulsMuch attention has been paid to the Twin Flame phenomenon in recent years, and rightfully so, as it is a defining experience in many people’s lives. While it’s understood that most of us have a Twin Flame, some souls did not choose to “divide and conquer” in this way. I am in the group of souls who decided to experience this existence in it’s original form. In my understanding neither path is superior; they are just two different approaches to learning the lessons we set out to accomplish.

There is another relationship called Twin Souls, which is similar to that of Twin Flames, and may apply to anyone, with or without a Twin Flame. These are separate souls who have incarnated together and shared intense relationships throughout this existence with the agreement to assist each other in completing the lessons each has chosen to learn. Like Twin Flames, Twin Souls can play any role in each others lives including family members, romantic partners, friends, professional colleagues, etc. They often follow similar patterns to Twin Flames, having very intense, often dramatic interactions that provoke the greatest level of healing possible. This explains why they can be some of the most provocative and challenging relationships we have.

As we come to the time of completion of our karmic lessons, we are becoming aware of the roles we chose, and now must transcend. Whether they be family, romantic or other relationships, the goal of Twin Souls is not necessarily to stay in the same pattern forever. As with so much in life, the greatest act is often simply acceptance of what is, regardless of our personal preference. It is the task of both Twin Soul and Twin Flame relationships to acknowledge and release each other from the contracts that bound both partners to those roles in the first place. Once we resolve the patterns that created the dynamics in the relationship, each partner is free to proceed on his/her life path.

If the relationship is to continue, it must allow each person to evolve into a greater expression of his/her soul’s purpose. Each person must have the freedom to follow his/her own timeline, choose his/her own experiences and listen to his/her own guidance. While this process can be extremely emotional, it is what I consider our soul graduation. Once we release each other from the limited roles we’ve been incarnating for ages, we liberate ourselves and one another to expand into here-to-fore uncharted territory of self-expression and expansion.

This is the ultimate reason we came in the first place – to create a new version of ourselves beyond the karmic limitations of the past, and embrace our limitless capacity to live, love, play and be the architect of our new realities.

I am always available to assist with this and other energetic clearing processes. Please contact me to schedule a session or other services.

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