Open House/Demonstrations

Open HouseTrinity Energy Progression™ is a heart to heart reconnection, helping us remember the wholeness of our soul’s divinity. From our full divine consciousness, we can resolve the energetic causes of whatever dysfunction or dis-ease we may have with ultimate ease, joy and fluidity.  It’s an entirely different way of perceiving and experiencing ourselves and the Universe in Oneness and Divine Truth, versus duality and disempowerment.

Attend an open house and/or online discussion, get a session, and try it out! After reading through the Trinity Energy Progression™ site (a great guide is the Frequently Asked Questions page), join in live, and FEEL the difference!

Informational Open Houses/Demonstrations

The next Open House will be held on Sunday, November 20th at 3pm in Tacoma, WA. To register, please email, or call 919-247-6495.

ONLINE Informational Discussions
The most recent Online Discussion and FAQ session was on Friday, October 24, 2014.  You can check out the recording on the right; plus since Trinity Energy Progression sessions are all done out of time and space, by listening to the recording which includes a Trinity session at the end, you’ll receive whatever is in your “highest and best”.