Open House/Demonstrations

Open HouseTrinity Energy Progression™ is a powerful Ascension energy that creates a heart-based reconnection with our soul’s Divine wholeness.

From our full Divine consciousness, we can resolve the energetic causes of whatever dysfunction or dis-ease we may have and create our optimal existence with ultimate ease, joy and fluidity.  It’s a high vibrational way of perceiving and experiencing ourselves and the Universe in Oneness and Divine Truth, versus separation and disempowerment.

Attend an open house and/or online discussion, schedule a session, and try it out! To get a taste of this transformational energy, join in live, and FEEL the difference!

Informational Open Houses/Demonstrations

The next Open House will be held on Sunday, August 12th at 3pm in Bozeman, MT. To register, please email, or call (919) 247-6495.