Testimonials“I met Mary Hogan in 2012 and found her to be someone who is gifted in many different ways! She has worked as a teacher, so was already in the field of communication with people. She has had an affinity for animals for a very long time.

Mary’s perception as she’s giving these treatments is oftentimes with animals. She frequently sees dolphins and whales during a treatment. They represent clearing old energy, shifting illness, bringing in something new. As with any healer, it’s about the interpretation. My perception when she was talking to me was that it was spot on!
I received a treatment from Mary and it was quite amazing. I had a lot of different angels come through to speak with me. Adama himself worked on my energy opening up the circuits, well, that’s what it felt like! The essence though, was of feeling completely embraced, loved, warm and nurtured. It was beautiful! The healing can be for something specific or a generalized boost in wellness.

Many of you may have heard about Pilot Mountain, North Carolina. It’s considered to be in alignment with Mt. Shasta in California. Both mountains have energetic vortices that allow for greater access into the earth. They both have alignments with the Lemurian energies. Trinity Energy Progression is based on these energies and from these locations. There is a direct link to the energies of Adama within the earth and the spiritual energies of the universe.

Mary also offers a blog and photo gallery. Sometimes the blog is about astrological experiences, sometimes totally different subjects. It’s whatever resonates with her as she’s writing. So, as you can tell, she has a lot to offer!!

~~Shelley Dressel, RN
Intuitive Channel; Owner, Goddess Light