Pisces & Mercury Retrograde in March – Can I get an Amen?

If you’ve read this month’s astrological forecast, you know that 6 planets are in Pisces, and Mercury is retrograde. Hold onto hour hats, this is not your grandmother’s astrological forecast! But it is an interesting combination of my zodiacal longtime and new best friends. With the Moon, Saturn and Chiron in Pisces, I have a special place in my heart for this magical, transformational sign. Mercury is conjunct my Sun and Venus, and trine my Moon, Saturn and Neptune, so we’ve bonded through the ups and downs.

I’d always wondered why there was so much bad press about Mercury retrograde. As with all things, every planet has a “positive” and “negative” aspect from the human perspective. It all felt like too much doom and gloom for my taste. I was thrilled to get confirmation from Astrologer and Conscious Activist, Molly McCord on her Conscious Cool Chic Blog Talk Radio show on October 28th, 2012, entitled “Myths about Mercury Retrograde”. Basically, she explains that Mercury represents the human mind, which is associated with the ego. It’s the mind/ego’s job to “take care of business” here on the planet, thus keeping us alive and well. It does such a fine job of this that it often takes over our entire perspective, ignoring the bigger/cosmic picture. This keeps us from having a larger, more spiritual perspective on everything from washing the dishes to connecting with God/the Universe and everything.

So periodically throughout the year, Mercury takes a well-earned vacation, allowing us to engage our higher mind/soul more directly. Which means, instead of dreading these periods as mine fields of electro-magnetic mishaps and miscommunication, we should embrace them as opportunities to connect with our higher selves and approach everyday situations with more spiritual awareness. Something as simple as breathing in the face of a challenging person/scenario can give us enough emotional distance to respond more constructively. Like the adage, “change your mind and change the world”, this approach has the potential to transform us and the circumstances of our lives. I say woo-hoo! What’s so scary about that?

And what better time than when we have such a line-up of planets in the intuitive and transcendent sign of Pisces? Especially when you consider that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and offers us the opportunity to “thank, forgive and release” everyone and everything that’s held us back from wholeness thus far. In her March Skywatch report, Astrologer Lynne Hayes discusses the alignment of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron with the Pisces New Moon on March 11th. It’s time to break out those emotional and spiritual paper shredders, forgive and forget the debts we’ve owed and been owed so we can start the zodiacal year afresh in Aries. At the Spring Equinox, the year begins again with a burst of new life. It’s like a (green) luxury supersonic jet that takes off on March 21st. The only hitch is, we can’t take our old baggage with us. So we need to use this amazing time of cosmic support to open all the doors and windows, do our Spring cleaning, give or throw away what no longer serves us, fill our hearts with light and love, and get on board for the bright future that awaits us. Once we’ve done so, the only question we’ll hear from the agent at the gate is, “Can I get an “Amen?”

Everything Is A Blessing

What do illness, termite infestations, custody battles, unemployment and relational crises have in common? Give up? They’re all invitations from our soul/higher self to address underlying energetic patterns that threaten our ability to “have life and have it in abundance” (John 10:10). They’re also a short list of the woes plaguing me and mine this week alone.

Without being overly apocalyptic, I believe we are in what could be described as “the end times”. It’s the end of the 3D, polarity-based, dysfunctional reality we’ve inhabited for millennia. Picture us as hamsters on karmic wheels alongside millions of others. What keeps us on our wheels is our soul’s unfinished business, or karma. (Please note, I don’t consider karma to be punishment of any kind, but simply the spiritual to-do list we brought with us into this life.)

Well now it’s time to step off the wheel and move on to an infinitely more joyful, balanced, harmonious, expansive 5+D reality. Only we have to dispense with our karma to do so. In order to “force” us to address the energetic patterns we’ve been living with since “the fall”, our higher selves conspired to create “opportunites” that we couldn’t avoid. To ensure we devote our full and immediate attention, they usually take the form of crises in one or more areas of our lives. These areas correspond to everything from soul traumas such as fears of annihilation or abandonment, to ancestral/hereditary/DNA traits we chose to embody, to issues of power/liberation, to true identity/self-expression, etc…

They are not trifling matters. They’re the core underlying issues that drive us to hide, lash out, run away from ourselves or others, develop auto-immune and other illnesses, live in financial, emotional or physical lack, experience depression, anxiety and other emotional/mental disorders, self-medicate, have abusive relationships, etc… In short, live out of balance with ourselves and All That Is.

So…as life’s eruptions explode around you and those you know/love, try to breathe and remind yourself that the bad news is in fact the good news. It allows us to resolve the chains that bind us to our hamster wheels. Just months before developing fibromyalgia due to the stress of my unresolved karma, relationships, and responsibilities, I had a transcendent experience overlooking a lake at dawn. As I stared breathlessly at the unfolding magnificence of the sunrise, I wondered repeatedly, “should I be meditating?” And each time I understood, “No, I should be watching”. After it was over, I thought, “I’m not sure what that meant, but I know it was really important”. The next day I heard “This will be your life,” and thought, RIGHT ON! Needless to say the following year was anything but joyful , harmonious, etc… I even wrote a poem entitled, “Where Is The Sunrise?” In response, I was told “This will be your life… when you recognize everything as a blessing.”

Go forth and celebrate life’s blessings, in all their forms!


How auspicious that my first blog be inspired by a visit from an asteroid, and what I see as New Earth warming presents in the form of meteors! In pre-scientific times, when kings, emperors and popes either were themselves, or were closely advised by astrologers, such events were seen as highly significant harbingers of the future. Not being a king, emperor, pope nor astrologer, I can only offer my spiritual perspective as a Reiki Master, Melchizedek priest and Trinity Energy Progression practitioner.

I’m reminded of the Hale-Bopp comet, which was discovered in July 1995 and became visible to the naked eye in April 1997, when my son was 6 months old. Not to be a stereotypical gushing mother, but…Star of Bethlehem, anyone??? We lived in Denver, and drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park one evening to observe it. I still remember how amazing it was to see what looked like a thick, semi-permanent falling star on steroids. It was as if Van Gogh had reached down from heaven and painted a real life version of “Starry Night”. Yet another gift from the gods to encourage us along our path to enlightenment and ascension.

I believe we live in an energetic universe where coincidence is at least divine alignment, and at best prearranged and strategically forgotten to make it feel spontaneous. So when bus-sized rocks come careening into our atmosphere and land with a sonic boom leaving enormous fiery craters, I take it as a intergalactic do-drop-in. Thankfully this one fell in a relatively less populated area, causing no reported deaths thus far. Still, I offer love, light and healing energy to all those injured by the meteor and sonic boom. May they be comforted and receive the most benevolent outcome of this very personal cosmic intervention in their lives!

If we consider the many uses of earth-based crystals as energy conductors in everything from spiritual ritual to computers, cell phones, etc… the sky is literally the limit to the implications of huge hunks of space rock plopping down in our backyard. If you extend this to the metaphysical level, it’s like introducing a quantum leap from our 3D perception, inviting us to join the 5D and above, exponentially higher vibrational party in the sky. If every drop of water has a ripple effect, imagine the tidal wave of the multi-verse stopping in to say hi! I, for one, find it extremely exciting, and look forward to the limitless potential as post-2012 humanity sets out to create the new higher frequency Earth. And how kind of our cosmic neighbors to send such a lovely care package to help us design our new world!