HybridsI associate animal totems with dramatic, unusual or frequent sightings of specific animals in my waking life, dreams or meditation. When such a creature manifests in my life, I refer to my copy of Animals Speak or the internet for its spiritual significance. That’s assuming the animal has been in existence long enough to be included.

I believe I encountered a new species in November 2012. While tossing my pumpkin into the ravine next to my house, I startled a large tawny canine very similar to the one pictured below. During the several-minute staring contest that ensued before it retreated into the woods, I was mesmerized and a bit confused. Too big for a fox or a normal German Shepherd, but smaller than a western grey wolf. Could it be a red wolf, a coyote, a dog?

Yes, all of the above! I recently learned of a new combination of the three called the Eastern Coyote, Wolf-Coyote Hybrid, or Coywolf. There are confirmed populations throughout the Midwest, Northeast and into Virginia. I would suggest they’ve now spread as far south as the wooded lot next door.

I believe the sighting represented my role in the creation/emergence of a new multidimensional human. I associate this with Trinity Energy Progression, which helps us recover direct access to our own divinity, thus playing a central part in the Ascension of Humanity. I am honored to receive my new totem, and to carry it’s energy with me as I continue to assist in expanding the population of divine/hybrid humans!

Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain

Pilot MountainI took this photo on my most recent trip to Pilot Mountain, near Winston Salem, NC. I love the interesting composition and soft hues. I was lucky to catch the sun breaking through the clouds and shining through the tangled branches. For me it represents our reconnection with the Light within that calls us beyond the web of polarity, lack and separation that has ensnarled us for as long as we can remember. Now, for the first time, we can perceive the vast expanse of reality beyond our historical limitations. The green grass, blue hills, pink clouds and grey sky feel like an invitation to explore the multiple dimensions available to us when we release whatever overgrowth remains to be cleared in our lives.

Mercury Rx

Mercury Rx

Mercury RxThe sabien symbol (phrase) for 26 Aries – the degree of last week’s lunar eclipse is “A wo/man possessed of more gifts than s/he can hold”. This would suggest great abundance. But hot on the heels of the eclipse, we seem to slam on the brakes for this week’s Mercury retrograde. Not to worry, though! Despite its reputation for delays, miscommunication and malfunction. I believe Mercury Rx is actually a time to take a step back, reflect and get a higher perspective. As Alan Alda suggests, when we “leave the city of our comfort and go into the wilderness of our intuition…what we find is our (wonderful) selves.”

We focus less on the minutia of life, gain greater insight into ourselves and our connection to the Universe. Some things may need to be reconsidered, revised or released. Not all of them are pleasant or easy, especially when they involve people and things we’ve held dear. But like spiritual pruning, it allows/requires us to make room for new energy and adventures that are waiting to flow into our lives. Happy Mercury Rx!

Image courtesy of Source Energy.

Mt. Shasta and the Cormorant


CormorantIn July, I attended a Trinity Facilitator training retreat in Mt. Shasta, CA. It was the most wonderful, enlightening, spiritually expansive experience I’ve ever had. So much so that I’ve had a hard time putting my thoughts into words to adequately describe the magical time that quite simply changed my life. I think the story of the Cormorant might be a good place to start, since I believe it symbolizes the work we are doing at this time for ourselves and humanity in general.

If you’ve ever visited Mt. Shasta you know it’s a magnificent 14,000 foot mountain surrounded by pristine forests, waterfalls, and lakes. Our group consisted of five women: our leader, Angela Coulter, two other Trinity facilitator trainees, two Trinity practitioners, and me. When we weren’t in training sessions, we spent much of our time outdoors absorbing the remarkably high vibrational energy inherent to the area.

On Sunday morning we decided to watch the sunrise over a lake. As we arrived I noticed this water bird sitting on the rocks on the beach with its head bent down along its side. I found it odd that it didn’t move as our group of “She-goats”, as I called us, broke the pre-dawn silence, marching within 5 feet of it. As the sky began to lighten Rochelle, who was experienced with animal rescue, noticed the bird was entangled in a fishing line, and had swallowed the hook. It was clear it had been struggling for hours and was near exhaustion. It wouldn’t survive if we didn’t intervene quickly.

As with all of life, and particularly in Mt. Shasta, everything unfolds perfectly without the need for logical comprehension. Rochelle used her sweatshirt to wrap the bird so she could hold it still. As we discussed where we could find scissors at this time on Sunday morning, a fishing boat passed close enough to the shore for another member of our group to ask for scissors. They happened to have a nail clipper, which they threw onto shore. We took turns clipping the line as Rochelle held onto the bird, enduring a nasty bite on her mouth by the panicked animal. I was relieved to clip the last of the line, which allowed the bird to move freely again. We released it in the hopes that the hook would disintegrate, since there was no way to remove it.

Back at the rental house, we gave a Trinity session to Rochelle and the bird. We understood that it would survive. I received the message that the bird was a female, and represented the process of disentangling ourselves from all that hindered us from living to our full potential, spreading our spiritual wings and taking flight.

Life Is A Hall of Mirrors

I found myself telling a friend that life is a hall of mirrors today, in reference to her son’s disconcerting decisions. My point was that since I believe we choose our life paths as a way of working through unresolved issues and karma, our life circumstances serve as mirrors for our progress through those issues. Another way of putting it is that the Universe presents us with potential life lessons in the form of challenging situations. How we respond determines our experiences.

Until we master the lessons, we have no choice but to re-engage in old unhealthy behaviors, which elicit the same undesirable results. By engaging in the dysfunctional pattern presented, we choose to repeat that life lesson.

I have another saying, “The camera pans back to us.” Instead of focusing on the mean people in our lives or the unfair treatment we receive or the frustrating impasses we find ourselves in again, we need to recognize the roll we play in creating such dramas. When we identify the patterns that attract this kind of people, treatment or frustration into our lives, we can determine what we need to clear to release the patterns.

Once we’ve mastered the lesson, we can graciously decline the offer of the lesson. We no longer allow that kind of interaction, engage in that kind of dysfunctional relationship, or put ourselves in that kind of compromising position. We have healed the parts of ourselves that required us to continually run into the same walls.

When we’re free of the old patterns, we can make healthier choices, have higher standards for the kind of treatment we accept, and advocate for ourselves in a mature way. Thus we no longer find ourselves in the position of being mistreated or disrespected. We’ve created a new normal. Life is still a hall of mirrors, only now we like what we see staring back at us!

We’re All Graduating

‘Tis the season to graduate. Preschools, kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools, colleges, graduate schools, even PhD programs are holding celebratory events to mark the passage from one level to the next. I realized at the high school graduation ceremony I attended recently that it’s not just the students who are moving on. We’re all in a process of transitioning from one level of awareness, activity, profession, relationship or life experience to another.

In this time of increasingly rapid spiritual expansion, those of us on a conscious spiritual path are graduating from the 3D to the 4D and beyond. No more dualistic, tit for tat, us against them, power-over, karma-based mentality. We’ve turned the corner on those age-old energetic constructs and are now in the process of constructing a brilliant future of joyful, creative, limitless self-determination and spiritual integration the likes of which we’ve never known. It truly is a brave new world that we get to define for ourselves and share with everyone else who embraces their universal birthright.

As we clear out the residual karma and complete our healing, we free ourselves to access our true energetic potential and begin building a post-karmic existence. I’m reminded of the theme song from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, “Come and see, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination”. All it takes is the will to identify, resolve and release anything that holds us back from that level of wholeness.
So, what does your imaginary world look like?

See The Whole Board

As the distressing events in Boston and Texas unfolded this week, I received a consistent message to be the calm in the storm and to shine my Light in the darkness. I also received beautiful spiritual insights and experienced breakthroughs through identifying and clearing old patterns that had been plaguing me and my relationships. I believe this is the opportunity available to all of us in the face of life’s upheavals. There are two octaves in every experience: higher and lower. We have a choice: do we want to succumb to the apparent negativity and dysfunction of the situation, or do we choose to use it as a window into what needs healing and upgrading in ourselves, our lives and our world?

If we choose the higher octave, we first need to step back and observe the patterns, not just the conflictual to and fro of the situation. In chess they say, “see the whole board”, in order to understand the larger dynamics and decide more wisely what your next move should be. In stressful situations, we tend to go into react mode, with a view toward self (and loved-ones) preservation. If we can look at life’s crises as opportunities for intervention and growth, we can become our own advocates in the process of personal evolution. It’s like the difference between walking through a maze with the perspective from ground level versus looking down from above the maze walls. When you understand your options and where each pathway leads, you can make much better decisions.

When we see our relational challenges as reflecting patterns we need to heal and release, we can spend our energy freeing ourselves and those we love from the dysfunction that causes the challenges. This is known as karma clearing. It is one of the most powerful uses of Trinity Energy Progression. This high vibrational, loving energy identifies, clears, and releases the underlying core issues, causes and karma of all kinds of situations, physical illness/injuries/conditions, or relationships.

As many traditions suggest, forgiveness is the most powerful liberator. The Hawaiians have Ho’oponopono. Catholics have Confession/Sacrament of Reconciliation. Alcoholics Anonymous have Step 9 – making amends to all you’ve harmed. While still in Trinity Energy, I use a basic thank, forgive, and release process. This frees me and the other person/people from karmic patterns. I first thank them for the important, if unpleasant, lessons they have represented for me. Next, I forgive them for any perceived pain/injury they have caused me, and ask the same of them (whether I think I’ve caused them pain or not). Finally, I release us both to proceed along our paths freely, for the most benevolent outcome of all.

Once we remove the unhealthy dynamic that previously existed in a relationship, it can move forward in the best and highest way for everyone involved. While we can’t control the new direction of the relationship any more than we controlled the old one, we know it will be in everyone’s best interest. I believe this is a major part of our life’s work. And what a joy it is to lighten our loads! After clearing karma from two relationships this week, which had felt like fifty-pound weights around my heart just minutes before, I found myself smiling from ear to ear. What a wonderful end to a heavy-hearted week!

A Full Life

In certain professions, we have the opportunity to interact on a personal level with people at important junctures of their lives. Often we are unaware of the impact of our seemingly routine activities until much later. As a teacher, These interactions can take place on a day to day basis, building relationships that support and/or guide students at a pivotal stage of development. It can also take the form of specific actions or interventions. I am often asked to write recommendations for students. Because my students apply to some of the most competitive universities and scholarship programs in the country, this seemingly administrative task can influence the trajectories of their lives.
Yesterday, I was shocked to learn of the passing of one such former student on Thursday. Her name was Laura Rozo. She was an extremely gifted and driven young woman who experienced as much in two decades as many people do in eight. She moved to Florida from Latin America, learned English and French, excelled in all academic areas, as well as on the swim team. We later learned that she’d been involved in a hostage situation as a child, which only inspired greater determination to embrace every moment of her life.

When Laura’s family moved to North Carolina, she transferred to our high school and my French II class. She immediately realized she’d already covered the material our class was studying. Since the semester had started, it was too late to change classes, so I suggested she do an independent study in which she could review and take each chapter test at her own pace. She quickly exhausted the French II curriculum, and so, exceptionally, I allowed her to continue on with the French III book. Laura is one of the only non-native speakers I’ve ever taught who could seamlessly absorb advanced level grammar and vocabulary with little to no external instruction. It was as if she swallowed the information whole. She was able to place out of French III and enter French IV, which enabled her to complete the French V and Advanced Placement classes in her remaining year and a half of high school.

When it came time to apply for the coveted Morehead-Cain Scholarship, Laura asked me to write a letter of recommendation. This was clearly one of the easiest letters I’ve ever written. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the Morehead-Cain Scholarship is the oldest merit scholarship program established at the oldest public university, UNC Chapel Hill, in the United States. It awards a full 4-year scholarship as well as multiple outdoor, international, business and service opportunities to approximately 3% of its international nominees.

Laura was eventually named our school’s first Morehead-Cain scholar. I remember getting updates throughout the process and excitedly discussing her upcoming adventures between classes in the hall. Her future seemed brilliant and unlimited. She was looking forward to going sea kayaking in Alaska that summer after graduation. Just over a year later, while back-packing through Portugal, she experienced such leg swelling that she had to be rushed to the hospital by local police, and received her initial diagnosis of cancer. She was flown directly to UNC Cancer Center in a private jet, where she learned she had Matastic Rhabdomyosarcoma. She began her first round of chemotherapy treatment. This resulted in just three months of remission before her cancer returned. She made a beautiful surprise presentation at Tedx UNC, entitled “If Not Now, When?” You can view it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X73qA-Q8_Qk.

In her presentation, Laura describes her process as well as taking flying lessons, parachuting from an airplane, and teaching Salsa lessons from her hospital bed while in treatment. She got an Indian henna tattoo, which conveys spiritual blessings, on her bald head. She was driven to suck the marrow from the bones of life until the very last moment. I like to think she took flying lessons in preparation for her next promotion – soaring through the universe on angel’s wings, unhindered by skin and bones. Laura was truly a force of Nature, with almost too much life force to be contained in one human body. I believe she remained in the 3D as long as she was able, and then had no choice but to transcend it. I was able to connect with her spirit and convey my congratulations for her “early graduation” from life. True to form, I found her ecstatic and joyful in the boundlessness of eternity.

I believe we all come here for a specific time, with a to-do list of lessons, goals and gifts for humanity. While it is always excruciating to lose loved ones, especially so young, I don’t believe a person’s life needs to last 80 years to be complete. In my opinion, Laura lived a full life in her seemingly brief stay on Earth. I am honored to have played a tangential role in it, and I celebrate her latest adventure with great enthusiasm!

Call The Dolphins!

I think we can all agree that dolphins are adorable animals. But have you ever thought of them as spiritual? I hadn’t until recently myself. I even swam with them in Florida about 10 years ago and never connected the buzz I felt from head to toe with an energetic activation. I now understand that’s what it was. I’d known about their sonar capabilities, which allow them to scan a body and identify everything from a growing fetus to an area of injury or disability. I’d even heard of them assisting in healing and rehabilitation. I’d also heard of them working as a group to keep a child who’d fallen overboard from slipping under water, or fending off great white sharks to protect human swimmers. But I chalked all that up to their mammalian maternal instinct. Sort of like maritime do-gooders.

Then last summer, while listening to an internet radio show, I heard the story of an energy worker who had an affinity with the dolphins, and was asked to be their ambassador on land. It struck a chord, and I began communicating with my spiritual dolphins. I started sending them to those in need of cheering up, calming down or talking off the edge with remarkable results. These were not people I’d ever discussed the concept of spiritual dolphins with in the past. They were friends and family in situations of distress who needed immediate intervention. I actually worried they’d think I’d gone around the woo-woo bend, but felt their need justified the risk. Thankfully, they all responded very positively.

At this point I’ve become the virtual dolphin lady. They’re all over my Facebook page (BeInthe Light). I have a growing collection in my home. A former colleague mentioned them in her thank you note to our department. Two weeks ago at a local flee market, I considered looking for one, but thought, if I’m supposed to find one, it’ll find me. I came home with three. I’ve given them as gifts to children and adults I thought would benefit from a visual reminder or companion. They appear in nearly every Trinity session I give, either to raise the client’s vibration or just to play. As in Nature, they usually travel with whales, who bring their own profound energetic gifts.

It’s such a pleasure to live and work with these joyful, healing beings! Feel free to call on them whenever you need a boost or a rescue. They just love to help!

What’s Your Definition of Abundance?

What’s your definition of abundance? Is it the luck of the Irish, pennies (or G notes) from heaven, untold riches, more than enough? I believe it can be any or all of these. It can be anything that supports and expands our well-being, both materially and spiritually.

Maybe it was my Irish heritage conspiring with the Pan-STARSS Comet on a day with Venus (value/beauty/money) trine the North Node (our future/Destiny), but last week was one of the most abundant I can remember. It started out like any other week – same house, car, job, energy work. And BAM! Along came March 13th . In one day I had a new car with free financing, a new client and was named the Featured Lightworker in Shelly Dressler’s Goddess Light newsletter.

I can now sell my old – and I do mean old – car for about the same amount as an unplanned expense from the previous week. I also lost enough weight to fit into my old clothes, so I don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe. This may not be everyone’s idea of abundance, but for me, it’s as if the gifts just keep on coming!

And I intend that they will. Until very recently, I was the queen of hard scrabble, doing it the hard way, living on next-to-nothing. But I’ve realized that’s not the way the Universe works. We live in a boundless Uni/Multi/Omni-verse. It’s time we opened ourselves to the flow of its boundless capacity to manifest in all kinds of ways. Why would I choose to swim upstream in the River of Life, when it’s just waiting for me to turn over and allow myself to be carried easily and gracefully downstream?