20150606_060747Swirling at 10,000 feet,
The golden soup of Be-ing
Twirls ad infinitum,
Whirling, creating,

Magnetizing, energizing,
Drawing out the most
Optimal realities,
Releasing the dross,

In-joying, enlivening
Each moment unfolds,
Celebrating Is-ness
In effervescent tones.

A captivating sunset
A heart-wrenching embrace,
Intoxicating beauty,
Hilarious displays

Of life-affirming spirit
Bursting through the dark,
Manifesting magnificence,
An existential spark.

A cosmic centrifuge,
The fountain of life,
A lotus in the mud,
A beacon of light

Omniscient, microscopic,
Eternally within,
At the heart of (the) matter
And always has been…


Keeping Spirits High Through the Holidays and Beyond

As the days get shorter, the news gets darker, and life gets busier in the holiday season, it’s important to find ways of maintaining a sense of well-being and joy. Here are a few suggestions for keeping our vibrations high while navigating a weary world:

1. Put down/turn off our devices & Wifi. Electronics drain our energy and distract us from being present to ourselves & each other. Orgonite pyramids can help dissipate unhealthy energetic effects of technology.

2. Tune into our own center through daily meditation, yoga, stretching, Tai Chi, exercise, nature, etc. 20 minutes of meditation have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, replicate sleep and increase “happy hormones” like serotonin in the brain. Walking in the forest or on the beach, hugging a tree, gardening or watching a beautiful sunrise/set can have similar effects. Exercise produces both muscle and mood enhancing endorphins.

3. Connect with like-minded souls – people and/or animals. Connection is key in our increasingly socially disjointed world. It’s important to “find our tribe” to support and appreciate us.

4. Maintain healthy relationships. When we love and respect ourselves, we expect the same from the people around us. As with the rest of our life, only the finest will do!

5. Eat a clean diet, preferably organic. Our bodies are temples, and they need clean food and water to function optimally. Be aware of possible food sensitivities.

6. Get enough sleep – ideally 7+ hours per night. The brain restores itself and the body eliminates toxins during sleep, so we need to prioritize a good night’s rest. Sufficient sleep results in greater physical and emotional vitality.

7. Create a positive, self-embracing environment in our home. Making our home our sanctuary allows us to escape from the world, let down our defenses and truly relax.

8. Find a creative outlet/expression that feeds our soul. We receive as much as we give through creativity. We charge our own batteries while channeling our artistic juices.

9. Luxuriate, take the occasional salt-water bath or sea salt scrub in a (filtered/restructured) shower. Essential oils such as lavender or lemongrass can help us relax. Whatever makes us feel pampered!

10. Recognize that everything is a blessing, including the challenges. They offer us insights into parts of ourselves that are ready for upgrading.

11. Reach out for whatever support we need – physical, emotional or spiritual. As a recent president once said, “Never waste a crisis.” It may be the only time we take action.

Most of recognize these as good ideas, but how often do they make it to our To Do List, and actually get done? It can be helpful to create a calendar, set alarms or visual reminders to encourage/keep us accountable for our self-care routines. Leaving sticky notes in strategic places around our home, car or office works well. Building in rewards for completing routine items can also be a great motivator. Fair trade chocolate, anyone?!

It’s really about remembering to love ourselves. Using these practices to nurture our bodies, minds and spirits allows us to maintain a sense of inner peace, joy and balance. With this internal reservoir we’re better able to surf the (tidal) wave of external realities, and move from merely surviving to thriving. It’s truly revolutionary to realize that we create our realities from within. When we tend our inner garden, it blossoms throughout our lives!

Happy Graduation, Granny!

20160801_203757It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of whales and dolphins. So the recent news of Granny Orca’s passing hit me close to home. For those not familiar with orcas, aka killer whales, they’re not actually whales, but the largest dolphins and the top predators in the ocean. They were originally named whale killers by coastal native American tribes, which was translated into English as killer whales.

There are three main groups of orcas. The largest group are primarily ocean-going ambush hunters of large fish and mammals. The Bigg’s or transient orcas travel between the ocean and the Northwestern coastal waters hunting mainly marine mammals. The Resident Killer Whales live year-round in the coastal waters off Washington State and British Columbia surviving mainly on salmon.

At an estimated 105 years old, Granny was the oldest known killer whale on record. She was the matriarch of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales J, K and L pods. She was revered by naturalists, marine biologists, whale watchers and residents alike. She was also a very high vibrational being whose consciousness transcended the orca population. Animal Communicator Mary Getten published a series of interviews with her in the book, Communicating with Orcas.

I’ve had the honor of connecting and working closely with Granny for the past two years. She regularly appeared in my energy sessions to assist with my clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual clearings, healings and vibrational upgrades. I often felt her presence and called on her to join in the work I’m doing with human, animal and non-embodied beings. Her energy is loving, powerful and filled with light. I’ve come to love her, though we never met in physical form.

On September 29-October 3, 2016 we held our Trinity Facilitator Retreat on Orcas Island. When I connected with her spirit en route to the island, she and the orcas were thrilled that we were coming and supported our work there. Unbeknownst to me, the last official sighting and photos of Granny were dated October 12, 2016. I became increasingly aware of her waning physical presence in late October/November 2016. While she still participated etherically in my work, photos and reports of her sightings had ceased. I spent the last two months mourning her in advance. The thought of her no longer in the waters surrounding my home brought tears to my eyes.

In a joint session with Trinity Energy Practitioner Christine Groenendaal on December 30th, I asked for clarification on her status. She appeared and let us know she’d gone into the mountains surrounding Puget Sound, but would continue to be present energetically to support the Ascension of humanity. On January 2nd, the Center for Whale Research declared Granny missing and assumed deceased.

Since her transition, she’s become an expression of infinite unconditional love for us and the planet. She’s delighted with her newfound freedom and potential, no longer struggling with near starvation, polution, and military sonic blasts. Knowing Granny is liberated and yet still present has been a comfort to me. It’s helped me appreciate even more the concept of death as graduation, or my new catch phrase, an exponential upgrade. As we progress, I believe we’ll be seeing increasing numbers of transitions in both humans and animals. Amidst what may initially feel like a loss, I hope we can maintain the perspective of exponential upgrades, liberation and joy, both for them and ourselves!

The Energy of BEing

gabriels_imageThere has been much discussion of transcending the increasingly frenetic 3D, healing ourselves and the world, resolving the stories of this existence, etc. In a recent Trinity Energy Progression share, Sarah Avignone and I got beyond all of these experiences to a level of pure BEing. We perceived our blissful opalescent Soul/Source Energy surrounded by soft clouds. This vision made me think of a poem I’d written at the time of my father’s passing:

The Clouds

The clouds stretch out
To eternity.
Shades of pale pink, yellow, and blue
Dust the surface of fluffy white,

Sunrise on the rest of your life.
A few unfinished details
Before proceeding
Into the dazzling light.

No more struggles,
Futility and injustice.
Finally time to let go.
The false overlays now lifted,

Like veils of untruth,
Reveal what has always been
The overshadowed reality
At the core,

At last, set free to soar
Among the clouds.

Later that afternoon, I recognized the same opalescent colors and cloud-like imagery in my son’s ten year old watercolor painting. I’m continually “reminded” that awakening is a process of remembering what we already know at a deeper level. I consider these coincidences to be echoes of the soul, confirming an underlying truth we’re just now connecting to the larger reality.

The concept of the soul’s inherent, eternal magnificence waiting to BE re-embraced feels particularly timely. It’s comforting to understand the chaos around us as simply completing “a few unfinished details.” We can hold these low vibrational external situations in the Energy of BEing. In the midst of what may feel like increasingly dark hours, we can connect to this level of BEing, create the reality we choose, and soar in our own dazzling light.

Ascending the Throne


Photo from: www.streetpsds.com

When people ask what being a Transformation Coach entails, I say high vibrational energy work. Most associate energy work with physical healing, which is one aspect of it. However, I prefer to describe my work as the energy of liberation; both for others and myself. This liberation results from resolving and releasing soul agreements/contracts (what many believe to be karmic patterns) that keep us trapped in limiting “scripts”. These scripts take the form of dysfunctional roles, unhealthy relationships, physical pain, etc. By taking full responsibility for the circumstances in our lives, we can embrace the lessons they present, release ourselves from the unhealthy dynamics, and choose more harmonious experiences.

It’s so gratifying to see the dramatic transformations in our lives as a result of releasing soul agreements. Personally, one of the big ones I was able to identify and release was with my Twin Soul, freeing both of us to proceed along our individual life paths while remaining on loving terms. I’ve assisted others to release of this kind of energy in a variety of related areas, including:
• taking responsibility for and clearing the major medical conditions manifested in an attempt to get the attention of their Twin Flame;
• clearing the feeling of obligation in carrying other people’s burdens which had caused excruciating back pain and spinal cysts;
• clearing ancestral responsibility, thus freeing children from having to take on the role of caregivers;
• releasing of care taking agreements between spouses (which relieved one spouse from having to sacrifice his/her life to care for the other);
• … the list goes on!

One area in which I’ve experienced success is in releasing my own patterns of assuming unnecessary responsibility in relationships. This allows me to focus on my work while leaving the other person in charge of his/her growth. Most recently, I’ve received the message that it’s time to start living without soul agreements/contracts. I’ve understood that once we conclude our soul lessons we can move beyond the limitation of agreements/contracts altogether. We have the freedom to “make it up as we go along,” creating the reality we desire. When asked about a client’s new relationship contract, I was told there was none. I was shown a throne, and heard, “Ascend the throne.” I understood that what we choose is less important than the process of creative self-determination.

When we ascend the throne, we become kings and queens of all that we observe and experience. This new approach applies to more than just relationships. It’s a tectonic shift from the traditional approach of self-compromise, reactivity, over-compensation, unhappiness, and lack that have characterized many peoples’ experience of life, work, relationships, finances, etc. We start by looking into our own hearts and listening to our truth, desires, and guidance. Based on this inner wisdom, we affirm that the elements we wish to manifest in our lives are already present in the best/highest form for us. For example, “I am abundantly supported for simply being who I am. As I resonate at the level of pure unconditional love, all my financial, emotional, and physical needs are met; I am free to follow my inspiration in joy and bliss.”

This may sound like a re-packaging of the power of affirmation – “Gosh darn it, people like me.” The difference is that we’ve done the karmic excavation to remove anything that holds us back from existing at the vibrational level necessary to create from our heart’s desire. As I see it, we’re embarking on a truly limitless adventure of pure potential. Ladies and gentlemen, please take your thrones, we’re about to take off!

The Bad News Is The Good News

Mt. Rainier (Tahoma)

As a Transformation Coach, one of my favorite phrases is “The bad news is the good news.” I believe that each unresolved issue, ailment, relationship or life situation presents us with a mirror of ourselves. We can choose to look in the mirror or ignore it. Instead of focusing on other people or circumstances who seem to be “causing” our problems, we have the opportunity to take full responsibility for our experience. We can recognize that we constructed our lives as a way to resolve energetic issues and karma. If we dig below the surface issues we can find the nuggets of transformation that invite us to engage our healing process.

Which leads me to my second catch phrase: “The camera always pans back to us.” I believe we hold the keys to our own healing and liberation. Once we identify the aspects of ourselves that are being provoked by our life scenarios, we can go about the business of releasing the patterns that created the scenarios in the first place. Dysfunctional patterns in this life are often caused by past or past life traumas, energetic agreements, contracts or other karma.

I use a tool called Trinity Energy ProgressionTM to resolve the underlying causes and karma of physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic blockages. Each time we do a clearing, we raise our vibration and accelerate our spiritual expansion. We remember that we are not just bumbling humans but truly sparks of the Divine. By turning up our divine light we radiate it to those around us and become beacons for others to follow.

If you’d like to experience this process for yourself, I will be holding a Spirit Gathering in Bellevue, WA on Weds. Jan. 21st from7-9pm at Nature + Love (www.naturepluslove.com). The cost is $25 and includes a meditation, group Trinity Energy Progression™ session including personal messages, physical or emotional healing, karma clearing, etc., and 10-minute private conferences with me. You can call 919-247-6495 or email mary@oneinthelight.com to register. More info is available at https://www.facebook.com/events/679104338867751/

Twin Souls


twinsoulsMuch attention has been paid to the Twin Flame phenomenon in recent years, and rightfully so, as it is a defining experience in many people’s lives. While it’s understood that most of us have a Twin Flame, some souls did not choose to “divide and conquer” in this way. I am in the group of souls who decided to experience this existence in it’s original form. In my understanding neither path is superior; they are just two different approaches to learning the lessons we set out to accomplish.

There is another relationship called Twin Souls, which is similar to that of Twin Flames, and may apply to anyone, with or without a Twin Flame. These are separate souls who have incarnated together and shared intense relationships throughout this existence with the agreement to assist each other in completing the lessons each has chosen to learn. Like Twin Flames, Twin Souls can play any role in each others lives including family members, romantic partners, friends, professional colleagues, etc. They often follow similar patterns to Twin Flames, having very intense, often dramatic interactions that provoke the greatest level of healing possible. This explains why they can be some of the most provocative and challenging relationships we have.

As we come to the time of completion of our karmic lessons, we are becoming aware of the roles we chose, and now must transcend. Whether they be family, romantic or other relationships, the goal of Twin Souls is not necessarily to stay in the same pattern forever. As with so much in life, the greatest act is often simply acceptance of what is, regardless of our personal preference. It is the task of both Twin Soul and Twin Flame relationships to acknowledge and release each other from the contracts that bound both partners to those roles in the first place. Once we resolve the patterns that created the dynamics in the relationship, each partner is free to proceed on his/her life path.

If the relationship is to continue, it must allow each person to evolve into a greater expression of his/her soul’s purpose. Each person must have the freedom to follow his/her own timeline, choose his/her own experiences and listen to his/her own guidance. While this process can be extremely emotional, it is what I consider our soul graduation. Once we release each other from the limited roles we’ve been incarnating for ages, we liberate ourselves and one another to expand into here-to-fore uncharted territory of self-expression and expansion.

This is the ultimate reason we came in the first place – to create a new version of ourselves beyond the karmic limitations of the past, and embrace our limitless capacity to live, love, play and be the architect of our new realities.

I am always available to assist with this and other energetic clearing processes. Please contact me to schedule a session or other services.



by Mary Hogan

Bit by bit
We recover


Jigsaw pieces
Thought lost

That fit squarely
The missing spots

We never
Expected to fill

When it all
Comes full circle

To where the
Mozaic began

And at last
We can

Solve our own

When we see
The full


Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net and digitalart.



by Mary Hogan

When the hinges
Finally give way

And the glamour
And glory sway

Beneath the weight
Of tarnished truth

It comes as a
Relief to see

The ultimate

Of pursuing
What is clearly
A dead end.

No time like the

Said the caterpillar
As she stepped

Across the threshold
Of her homespun

From which she would
Emerge very soon

From head to wing

Ready to begin
Her beckoning
Adventures in the sky.

While talking with my friend and Trinity Energy Progression™ Originator, Angela Coulter this week about the tendency to cling to the habit of a pattern even after the underlying causes/karma are cleared, I had a vision of a deep wheel rut in the mud. I then remembered driving across the country, moving slightly to the left or right of the lane I was in to stay on the higher, less-worn pavement. This provided a smoother, quieter ride. Anyone who’s ridden in my Magic Red Carpet knows how important it is to avoid the bumps in the road. Opa!!

We each have the power to create new pathways in our lives. It starts with releasing the karma or unfinished energetic business that causes our dysfunctional mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual patterns. Then we can consciously change the old familiar habits we fell into based on those patterns. This is the time of re-creation in our lives, the world, the YOUniverse and beyond. In order to live our wholeness, we need to forge new behaviors from the mundane details of our routines to where we live and how we manifest BBA (boundless benevolent abundance). With Trinity Energy ProgressionTM, we have the highest vibrational energy available. We can do this!

As I write, I’m hearing the theme song from Aladdin, “A Whole New World”. I invite you all to join me on this magic carpet ride!

Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Orcas, Orcas Everywhere!

This summer I was blessed to have not one but three encounters with Southern Resident Orcas. The first was on a whale watch off Anacortes, WA, followed by two days watching from the western coast of San Juan Island. I learned that there are two kinds of Orcas: the marine mammal eaters and the fish eaters. Also known as Killer Whales, these beautiful creatures are the largest members of the dolphin family. The name Killer Whale is actually the reverse of their original name, Whale Killers, given to the marine mammal (including whale) eating Orcas.

The fish-eating Orcas spend the summer feasting on salmon in the waters off the northwest coast of Washington State. On the whale watch my friend Angela & I saw approximately 30 whales – an excellent day by any standard. We spent the first half hour navigating through the islands off Anacortes. The boat crew asked the passengers to scan the water looking for signs of the three local pods – J, K, & L. Angela and I both connected energetically with the Orcas and understood they were in the open waters beyond the islands. As soon as we rounded the bend north of Orca Island, we had our first sighting.

The matriarchal pods included multiple smaller females and one or more large males with 5-6 foot dorsal fins. The day continued with repeated sightings of J and K pods. They were mainly swimming in pairs or small groups. Occasionally a large male would surface with his enormous black dorsal fin standing straight up in the water. There was even a Minke Whale sighting, though I didn’t catch it.

The next day we spent a glorious few hours driving around San Juan Island. We took in the magnificent ocean view from the rocky coast at Lime Kiln Park. Angela and I did a meditation overlooking Haro Strait in which we each called to the Orcas requesting an appearance. After doing a Trinity Energy Progression share, we had yet to see our fine finned friends. It was approaching time to depart if we hoped to catch the return ferry and get back to Seattle at a decent hour. Just as I protested that we couldn’t go until they arrived, a man to our right pointed off shore. We saw a large fin break the surface, followed by several others. The whole pod swam a few hundred yards from where we stood. When Angela asked them why they took so long, they answered that we kept moving around the island and they had to swim quite a distance. Can’t argue with that!

Ten days later I returned to the same spot on San Juan Island with my son. It was another picturesque day of brilliant sun and cool ocean breezes. We picnicked on the rocks and I meditated while he explored the coast. I’d put in another request to the pods for n visit, but had yet to see so much as a blow hole. My son returned just as I emerged from meditating, suggesting we make our way back to the car to secure a place on the ferry. Just then I spotted several boats converging up the coast. Sure enough it was the Orcas en route to do a swim-by in the nick of time. To our delight, we saw the whole pod (not sure which one) pass before our eyes. What a gift to connect with these magnificent creatures again!

Anyone who knows me can tell you I’ve long had an affinity for dolphins. This includes their regular participation in the energy healing sessions I do for myself and others. Well, since that first whale watch, I’ve upgraded to Orcas. And let’s just say those black and white beauties get the job done!

I believe that dolphins and whales have long held energetic space for us mere mortals until we were ready to re-awaken to our own universal connection and return to their level of oneness with the cosmos. My encounters with them this summer only reaffirmed this belief.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Orcas and supporting efforts to ensure their survival in increasingly precarious ecological circumstances, this link (and beautiful photo above) will take you to the Orca Network Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OrcaNetwork/photos/a.211698545600.266760.79401335600/10154369708565601/?type=1&theater

Image courtesy of www.takepart.com.