Keeping Spirits High Through the Holidays and Beyond

As the days get shorter, the news gets darker, and life gets busier in the holiday season, it’s important to find ways of maintaining a sense of well-being and joy. Here are a few suggestions for keeping our vibrations high while navigating a weary world:

1. Put down/turn off our devices & Wifi. Electronics drain our energy and distract us from being present to ourselves & each other. Orgonite pyramids can help dissipate unhealthy energetic effects of technology.

2. Tune into our own center through daily meditation, yoga, stretching, Tai Chi, exercise, nature, etc. 20 minutes of meditation have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, replicate sleep and increase “happy hormones” like serotonin in the brain. Walking in the forest or on the beach, hugging a tree, gardening or watching a beautiful sunrise/set can have similar effects. Exercise produces both muscle and mood enhancing endorphins.

3. Connect with like-minded souls – people and/or animals. Connection is key in our increasingly socially disjointed world. It’s important to “find our tribe” to support and appreciate us.

4. Maintain healthy relationships. When we love and respect ourselves, we expect the same from the people around us. As with the rest of our life, only the finest will do!

5. Eat a clean diet, preferably organic. Our bodies are temples, and they need clean food and water to function optimally. Be aware of possible food sensitivities.

6. Get enough sleep – ideally 7+ hours per night. The brain restores itself and the body eliminates toxins during sleep, so we need to prioritize a good night’s rest. Sufficient sleep results in greater physical and emotional vitality.

7. Create a positive, self-embracing environment in our home. Making our home our sanctuary allows us to escape from the world, let down our defenses and truly relax.

8. Find a creative outlet/expression that feeds our soul. We receive as much as we give through creativity. We charge our own batteries while channeling our artistic juices.

9. Luxuriate, take the occasional salt-water bath or sea salt scrub in a (filtered/restructured) shower. Essential oils such as lavender or lemongrass can help us relax. Whatever makes us feel pampered!

10. Recognize that everything is a blessing, including the challenges. They offer us insights into parts of ourselves that are ready for upgrading.

11. Reach out for whatever support we need – physical, emotional or spiritual. As a recent president once said, “Never waste a crisis.” It may be the only time we take action.

Most of recognize these as good ideas, but how often do they make it to our To Do List, and actually get done? It can be helpful to create a calendar, set alarms or visual reminders to encourage/keep us accountable for our self-care routines. Leaving sticky notes in strategic places around our home, car or office works well. Building in rewards for completing routine items can also be a great motivator. Fair trade chocolate, anyone?!

It’s really about remembering to love ourselves. Using these practices to nurture our bodies, minds and spirits allows us to maintain a sense of inner peace, joy and balance. With this internal reservoir we’re better able to surf the (tidal) wave of external realities, and move from merely surviving to thriving. It’s truly revolutionary to realize that we create our realities from within. When we tend our inner garden, it blossoms throughout our lives!

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