by Mary Hogan

When the hinges
Finally give way

And the glamour
And glory sway

Beneath the weight
Of tarnished truth

It comes as a
Relief to see

The ultimate

Of pursuing
What is clearly
A dead end.

No time like the

Said the caterpillar
As she stepped

Across the threshold
Of her homespun

From which she would
Emerge very soon

From head to wing

Ready to begin
Her beckoning
Adventures in the sky.

While talking with my friend and Trinity Energy Progression™ Originator, Angela Coulter this week about the tendency to cling to the habit of a pattern even after the underlying causes/karma are cleared, I had a vision of a deep wheel rut in the mud. I then remembered driving across the country, moving slightly to the left or right of the lane I was in to stay on the higher, less-worn pavement. This provided a smoother, quieter ride. Anyone who’s ridden in my Magic Red Carpet knows how important it is to avoid the bumps in the road. Opa!!

We each have the power to create new pathways in our lives. It starts with releasing the karma or unfinished energetic business that causes our dysfunctional mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual patterns. Then we can consciously change the old familiar habits we fell into based on those patterns. This is the time of re-creation in our lives, the world, the YOUniverse and beyond. In order to live our wholeness, we need to forge new behaviors from the mundane details of our routines to where we live and how we manifest BBA (boundless benevolent abundance). With Trinity Energy ProgressionTM, we have the highest vibrational energy available. We can do this!

As I write, I’m hearing the theme song from Aladdin, “A Whole New World”. I invite you all to join me on this magic carpet ride!

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