The Bad News Is The Good News

Mt. Rainier (Tahoma)

As a Transformation Coach, one of my favorite phrases is “The bad news is the good news.” I believe that each unresolved issue, ailment, relationship or life situation presents us with a mirror of ourselves. We can choose to look in the mirror or ignore it. Instead of focusing on other people or circumstances who seem to be “causing” our problems, we have the opportunity to take full responsibility for our experience. We can recognize that we constructed our lives as a way to resolve energetic issues and karma. If we dig below the surface issues we can find the nuggets of transformation that invite us to engage our healing process.

Which leads me to my second catch phrase: “The camera always pans back to us.” I believe we hold the keys to our own healing and liberation. Once we identify the aspects of ourselves that are being provoked by our life scenarios, we can go about the business of releasing the patterns that created the scenarios in the first place. Dysfunctional patterns in this life are often caused by past or past life traumas, energetic agreements, contracts or other karma.

I use a tool called Trinity Energy ProgressionTM to resolve the underlying causes and karma of physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic blockages. Each time we do a clearing, we raise our vibration and accelerate our spiritual expansion. We remember that we are not just bumbling humans but truly sparks of the Divine. By turning up our divine light we radiate it to those around us and become beacons for others to follow.

If you’d like to experience this process for yourself, I will be holding a Spirit Gathering in Bellevue, WA on Weds. Jan. 21st from7-9pm at Nature + Love ( The cost is $25 and includes a meditation, group Trinity Energy Progression™ session including personal messages, physical or emotional healing, karma clearing, etc., and 10-minute private conferences with me. You can call 919-247-6495 or email to register. More info is available at

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