Trinity One Training

Spirit Gatherings

Are you inspired to:

  • Transform all aspects of your existence?
  • Exponentially increase your level of empowerment, consciousness, love and joy?
  • Upgrade your entire operating system to full Divine consciousness and creation?

The Trinity One: Self-Mastery Class creates a powerful foundation of accelerated self-work, self-responsibility and expanded awareness. This class serves as part one of the Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner Class. This quantum leap opens the heart-centered pathways within to integrate Divine Consciousness and practice enlightened knowing and creation including:

  • Align with the truth of who you are and why you’re here;
  • Profound meditation practice allowing easier connection within and minimal distractions while consciously creating your existence;
  • Accelerated “Ascension” energy which facilitates rapid progress along the spiritual path, accentuating innate intuition and spiritual gifts;
  • Attune to your higher consciousness and inner guidance to become completely “IN-dependent”, realizing we have ALL the answers within;
  • Interweaving both human and divine natures to easily flow through life as the eternal, powerful being you are;
  • Resolution/conclusion of emotional, physical, financial, relational, professional… energetic blocks in order to manifest your optimal life;
  • Optimal format for self-work including past-life regression, resolution of physical injury and illness, ancestral patterns and more;
  • Generate your most exquisite abundance, relationships, living situations, physical well-being, etc.;
  • Raise your vibration to the frequency of eternal love!

The registration fee is $444 per person. Payment plans are available, with the full amount due by the start of class.  Schedule a session. Find out more about the full Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Class.

Contact me with any questions.