Energy Sessions

Energy SessionsTrinity Energy Progression™ is an extremely high vibrational energy of ascension/completion, which has recently been re-gifted to humanity to assist in the remembrance of our full Divine Consciousness. It accelerates the process of completing our karmic lessons and resolving all that prevents us from transcending the limitations of the 3D to reconnect with our wholeness in love, joy, harmony, balance and abundance.

While each person must resolve his/her own energetic issues and karma, I also do work with couples and families. Generally, this involves seeing each person individually. Each session consists of four parts: 1) discussion of the issues to be addressed; 2) energetic connection to turn up the client’s light/Divine Consciousness; 3) discussion of what occurred during the session; and 4) next steps/homework. It is a touch-free process, in which the client simply relaxes in a seated or reclined position and receives the energy. It can be received in person or remotely. A remote session may take place via telephone, Skype or other communication technology.

During a session, we resolve the core underlying issues, causes and karma of the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or relational struggles of daily life. Resolution of karmic ties/cords consists of releasing ourselves from the lessons of a relationship, situation, job, etc. This may involve divine beings, animal spirits/totems, past loved ones, energetic healing work on the mind, body or emotions, resolution of karmic or ancestral patterns, past life regression, personal messages, future predictions, assisting spirits to cross into the light, energetic downloads, etc.

Once the karmic issues are resolved, we are no longer required to continue the pattern/s that provoked them. We are free to move beyond whatever circumstance expressed the lesson/s in our lives. This is set to occur with the greatest grace and ease possible. However, that is a relative statement and may require time and energetic integration activities such as drinking water, meditation, salt water baths, spending time in nature, journaling, etc. Rapid shifts of perspective and patterns can lead to changes in relationships, jobs or other circumstances. These shifts ultimately create space to expand in a more heart-based direction of greater peace, joy and fulfillment.

Book a Session:

If you’d like to meet in person, I am located in the greater Seattle, Washington area.   I also offer remote sessions through Skype or the phone, which are just as effective.

To book a session, you can pay via PayPal in advance, make arrangements to pay via check, or as otherwise arranged, and contact me with your availabilities.