Trinity Energy Progression

Trinity Energy Progression


Are you asking, “What’s next?” Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your spiritual journey by remembering your Divine Consciousness, releasing physical, emotional and spiritual pain as well as resolving the energetic blocks and karmic contracts that limit your soul’s expansion?

The remembrance of Trinity Energy Progression™ has been gifted back to the Earth to help us open the pathways within to directly access the Divine Consciousness. Is it a practice? A tool? An energetic healing modality? Is it different from all the rest? Yes, yes, yes…. and YES!

You may choose to experience this energy of completion and ascension in various formats. Individual energy sessions offer in-depth healing and spiritual transformation work that creates dramatic shifts in your life. By hosting a Spirit Gathering of 7 or more guests you can share this experience with friends and receive a free individual session. For information on Practitioner Training, you may attend an Open House. I also offer Practitioner Training classes throughout the year.

With Trinity Energy Progression you will:

  • Release “all of the boxes” and change your entire experience to full empowerment, healing, creation, enlightenment, and magic;
  • Heal all core underlying issues that cause physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages and limitations (thus eventually eliminating the need for you to manifest such issues in the physical world)
  • Allow, accept, and easily access the full spectrum of the energy of Divine Consciousness (this encompasses all other Divine “frequencies” that are known and unknown, including energetic modalities, rays, angelic/archangelic, ascended masters, “Fifth Dimension” – and above, all “light activations”/”light codes”… and everything that assists in whatever way on one’s journey);
  • Heal/meld with your Twin Flame (if you have one), whether or not they are known or incarnate in the physical;
  • Exponentially increase your “Divine abilities” in the highest/best way on your expanded journey (psychic/intuition; “seeing”; “knowing”).

Trinity Energy Progression also helps with:

  • Truly seeing the light in everyone;
  • Beginning to understand and feel “the illusion” via Divine Consciousness;
  • Bringing deeply ingrained negative energy we have buried to the surface to release quickly and efficiently – regardless of the cause;
  • Becoming a “beacon of light” to help raise the vibration of others;
  • Resolving and healing individual history throughout this existence;
  • Fusion of all versions of the self.

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